Haasje Over Strijp-S

Haasje Over Strijp-S
Its extremely efficient floor plans and prefabricated methods were the building blocks of the Haasje Over building. Strongly embedded in the site, sensitively responding to its context.

Our approach to the social housing project at Strijp-S nods to the history of the site – the Philips company. Formed in 1891, this multinational giant transformed Eindhoven from a small collection of villages into a city. ‘From sand to the customer’s hand’ - all buildings were linked as an efficient machine, and our housing tower will respond by making these physical connections again.

Resembling the strict precision of the industrial context, the tower will maximise the number of individual dwellings (140) whilst retaining the highest quality living environment for the residents. At no more than 50m2, each mini-loft or maisonnette will efficiently comprise every living space you need as a single-occupant. The tower will be fully prefabricated in construction and materialisation. Red pigmented concrete will clad the 19 storey tower and a grid pattern will define efficiently the interior spaces. Each dwelling will be characterised by one large window spanning almost the entire wall – allowing residents to pull the outside spaces into their home.

Two bridges will extend from the tower, grabbing around its context. At 30m high, a double-storey bridge will extend over a skate-park, offering 48 maisonette apartments for people who prefer to live over two levels. By also reaching across to the adjacent Anton building via a sky bridge, many public spaces and roof-terraces will become available to residents to mix.


Sector: Seriematige woningbouw
Project: Haasje Over Strijp-S
Plaats: 5617 AJ Eindhoven
Datum oplevering: 01-04-2021

Reynaers systemen:
ALUMINIUM RAAM - reynaers masterline8

Gebruikte kleur(en):
Dark gray

Oppervlakte (m2): 15000 m2m2

Gerealiseerd door:
VMX Architects

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