15th of May our client Aedes realestate broke ground for our Mannourystraat project; two elegant apartmentbuildings west-side of Amsterdam’s Ring road. As part of a series of four buildings, we designed two slender buildings with lush hanging gardens embedded in a tough and sturdy grid structure framed in razorsharp detailing with hidden ventilation panels deeply sunk into the façade creating wide comfortable windowsills inside the apartments. By applying a load-bearing façade structure, the 64 apartments, divided into lower and higher rental segments, are designed to have a flexible floorplan and ensure a high degree of future-proofness. Combined with high-class finishing and meeting the highest standards in durability, this project is a perfect example of developing a project with a long term perspective in mind. The project will be finished by the end of 2020.


Sector: Seriematige woningbouw
Project: Mannourystraat
Plaats: Amsterdam
Datum oplevering: 01-12-2020

Reynaers systemen:

Gebruikte kleur(en):
groen metallic

Oppervlakte (m2): 7.200 m2

Gerealiseerd door:
Koschuch architecten

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